Procedural Island Generation Prototype 1

After working on this prototype for two weeks, I’m ready to share. Click here to play it.

Currently there is no goal or objective. The level contains four procedurally generated islands, with meshes made from scratch. There is a basic flight controller which the player can use to explore the terrain. Press Escape to generate a new map.

I plan to do a longer post describing how the mesh was generated from scratch in C#.

7 thoughts on “Procedural Island Generation Prototype 1

  1. ernie

    Have you considered uploading this to the asset store as a template project?
    Looks really good, I bet a lot of people would find it useful if you decide to seel it.
    Good job.

    1. Thomar Post author

      No, the rigidbody code is still a mess. I’m still figuring out how to build good character controllers.

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