Tiny Frontiers: A collaboration with Gallant Knight Games which funded on Kickstarter and then shipped in print. The book was a rules-lite science fiction role-playing game loosely based on Star Trek. There was also a giant mechs and monsters spin-off.

Spheres Of Power: A collaboration with Drop Dead Studios which we ran as a Kickstarter project and then shipped in print. This is a Pathfinder role-playing game rules supplement for flexible supernatural character options that make thematic sense and can support flashy high-magic fantasy settings. Most of the book is now available for free online.

Zelda D20: I helped a large online group of writers develop this sourcebook for a tabletop role-playing game based on Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series. This was based on the 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game rules. I have also written some similar 5th-edition D&D material which is available for free here.

Mario D20: A solo project based on Legend of the Seven Stars and a smattering of other stuff, based on the D20 Modern and 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game rules. Download it here.